First International Bank

Our TUC sky rocketed performance at First International Bank

The First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) is among Israel’s five largest banking groups. FIBI group includes the parent company, First International Bank, and its banking subsidiaries in Israel: Otsar Ha-Hayal Bank, Poaley Agudat Israel Bank (PAGI), UBank and Massad Bank. Together, the five banks operate a network of over 180 branches. FIBI has assets of over NIS 100 billion and maintains stable capital base that is among the largest in the banking system and indicative of the Group’s financial strength.

“Before implementing TUC”, says Shay Miller, senior database administrator at FIBI, “we simply took full backups for all tables. However, with TUC we learned that only 5 percent of our tables have changes. TUC helped us cut short our backup cycle from hours to as less as 20 minutes.”

FIBI is also using TUC to REORG only objects in the most critical condition. Access performance counters are extracted from the daily SMF cut and analyzed by TUC. Objects that do not have any performance degradation issues are automatically excluded from REORG allowing FIBI to focus only on objects in use that may benefit performance improvement by running REORG. “We have a very short batch window for REORG” explains Shay Miller, “and with TUC we can define a daily quota and handle only the objects in the most critical condition without exceeding the deadline”.





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