Found out what benefits TUC has delivered to Isracard

Isracard is the largest credit card company in Israel. The Isracard Group was established in 1975. The group has over 100,000 businesses which are partners to its credit card activity and honor the cards of both Israelis and tourists from abroad. More than two and a half million group’s cardholders enjoy a wide range of services, benefits and offers.

Ofer Kritchman, the director of system software at Isracard IT department, says TUC is a smart and impressive solution for automating DB2 objects maintenance. “The friendly and intuitive user interface provides the DBA the power to define maintenance processes and to track their progress easily and smoothly. We feel that this is a unique platform addressing all the different aspects of maintenance automation and allowing us to provide availability around the clock while making dynamic adjustments to our ever changing working environment”.

TUC includes a wide range of advanced capabilities designed to make the life of the DBA easier. For example, objects are being selected by dynamic intelligent rules allowing the user to set thresholds for triggering the desired maintenance procedure. This way, only the tables that actually require processing are included in the process. The result is a huge savings in resource consumption.

Isracard implemented TUC with full integration of utility jobs and batch application flow. The different application trigger backups in buisness significant point in times and wait for the utility jobs to complete before resuming processing. This kind of consistent backup can be used to automatically recover to the starting point in case something goes wrong in the application processing.


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