Customer Support

TUC is already installed in production by many happy customers who rely on our solution to run their daily backups, reorgs and other routine maintenance tasks. Our support team provides prompt response to any reported issue and assist customers in implementing new features or fine tuning their environment. TUC has been developed based on years of experience in the implementation of objects maintenance automation solutions. Over the years, the investment in developing and enhancing the product led to a stable and complete product that addresses all customers’ needs.


Support Matrix

Release DB2 version z/OS version
2.2 7,8,9,10 1.4 – 1.13
2.3 8,9,10,11 1.4 – 2.2
2.4 10,11,12 1.4 – 2.3

New DB2 Functionality

Every DB2 version introduces new functionality and features that may affect you existing maintenance infrastructure. TUC provides immediate full support to new DB2 versions and functions. We normally provide support to a new DB2 version as soon as it becomes Generally Available. TUC support for new features allows you to immediately exploit new functionality without making any effort in changing your maintenance procedures.

Here are some examples for changes that were required in objects maintenance procedures with the introduction of new DB2 functionality:

DB2 version New DB2 Functionality
8.1 UNICODE catalog tablesUp to 4095 partitionsLong table names and index names (up to 128 characters)
9.1 Support for CLONE tablesXML columns and objectsCompressed Indexes
10.1 Support for FLASHCOPY image copiesImplementing Autonomic Statistics collectionTemporal tables with versioning
11.1 Extended RBA/LRSN format

Utility Vendors

The DB2 utilities are provided by various utility vendors: IBM, BMC, CA or CDB. It might be desired to easily move from one vendor to another or use multiple vendors in co-existence. The differences in functionality and in price between the different utility packages can be significant. Many shops choose to move from one vendor to another to cut the cost of licensing.  This type of transition may affect the stability of your maintenance procedures.

TUC supports the usage of multiple utility packages from different vendors and allows you to generate and trigger utilities for each vendor.

End of Service

TUC release 2.4 is the current version, Generally Available since January 29, 2017.

Release EOS
2.1 September 9, 2011
2.2 October 31, 2014
2.3 June 30, 2018
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